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Meet Our Local Vendors


Sigona's Farmers Market is proud to work with only the very best local vendors. We personally investigate, taste and compare every single product before ever placing it on our shelves. This "Pespi challenge" mentality ensures that our customers always have access to the finest items around.

We also spend a ton of time chatting and visiting with our vendors. This is how we make sure we're always on top of the latest and greatest items out there so that we're one of the first to carry their delectable goodies.






Company: California Naturals

Owner(s) Name: Peter Walsh & Melanie Carroll

Products: Kahe Sparkling Nectars 

Peter and Melanie had grown tired with the sameness of beverages on grocery store shelves and thought it was time to shake up the world of beverages with something flavorful, refreshing and unique that people can feel good about drinking. With this in mind, Peter, who grew up in Atherton, Calif., and Melanie experimented with flavors and juices in their small cottage kitchen in Atherton. They settled on the three flavors of Kahe we carry today – Bing Cherry, Passion Fruit and Kiwifruit – using no artificial ingredients or sugar, just unique sweeteners Stevia and Xylitol. What’s more is Kahe has a low glycemic index and a low calorie count!

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Company Name: Central Coast Creamery

Owner(s) Name: Reggie Jones

Location: Paso Robles, CA

Products sold at Sigona’s: Cheese! Holey Cow, Goat Gouda, Seascape and two made exclusively for Sigona’s: Moo-Na Lisa (a Gouda-Gruyere style cheese) and Moo-Net (A California white cheddar)

About: Central Coast Creamery, founded in 2008, is a small producer of hand-crafted artisan cheeses. Not only do we sell Central Coast Creamery cheeses at both locations, we’ve partnered with the company to make exclusive blends that fit our customers’ preferences and palates. Central Coast Creamery has received several industry awards, including Best in Show for their Goat Gouda, and consistently strives to develop new releases made from locally sourced milks.

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Company Name: Devil’s Canyon Brewing Co.

Owner(s) Name: Chris and Kristiann Garrett

Location: Belmont, CA

Products sold at Sigona’s: Devil's Canyon Brewing Co. Full Boar Scotch Ale and Devil’s Canyon Old-Fashioned Root Beer

About: Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company is a locally based brewery stationed in Belmont, Calif. It produces award-winning, handcrafted beer and root beer made from premium ingredients, and Sigona’s is the only retail outlet to offer their root beer on tap (bring in your growlers!). The brewery’s name is derived from the original Spanish name for the City of Belmont: “la Canada del Diablo” or Devil’s Canyon. The brewery isn’t open to the public except on Beer Fridays. See their website for more info.

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Company Name: Marianne’s Ice Cream

Owner(s) Name: Sam Lieberman

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Products sold at Sigona’s: Old-fashioned ice cream

About: Sam Lieberman and his wife Dorothy are renowned for their old-fashioned Marianne’s Ice Cream shop in Santa Cruz near the boardwalk, and Sigona’s has partnered with Marianne’s for about 10 years to bring the famous treat to our stores. Marianne’s showcases more than 70 flavors in their store on Ocean Street in Santa Cruz, and Sigona’s carries between 30-50 at anytime. Sam’s all time favorite flavor? Butter Brickle, hands down.

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Company Name: Pul Foods, Inc.

Owner(s) Name: Deepa & Sandeep Shenoy

Location: Mountain View, CA

Products sold at Sigona’s: Crunchfuls Premium Superfood Cereals & Savory Snacks

About: Crunchfuls Cereal and Savory Snacks are made from pulse seeds (legumes), making them free of gluten, soy, corn, dairy and nuts. We guarantee you’ll be surprised by how fantastically healthy and delicious both the cereal and snacks are! Deepa has won awards for her innovative approach to Crunchfuls, and has also been asked to speak at several industry conferences about her expertise and the benefits of pulseed-based foods. What’s more is the Crunchfuls savory snacks are just 100 calories per pack! The savory bites are steam-puffed into scoops and tossed with herbs & spice for a just-right flavor.

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Company: Angel Heart Cakes

Owner(s): Debbie Umphreys and Chris Rivera

Location: Redwood City, CA

Products sold at Sigona’s: Angel food cakes, puddin’ and more

With such delicious and unique cakes, you’d think Debbie Umphreys and Chris Rivera had grown up baking together. Just the opposite is true in this case. Turns out that sometimes all you need to create something so amazing is desire, heart, a helping hand, determination and grandma’s angel food cake recipe.

Since being introduced in February 2009, Debbie and Chris have made a successful business for themselves simply by making a few modern twists to an old recipe to introduce new flavors that better meet the palates and nutrition preferences of today. They’ve also opened their own bakery and storefront in Redwood City where they now coffer much more than just angel food cake!

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Company Name: Happiness Within

Owner(s) Name: Heba Badran

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Products sold at Sigona’s: Baklava, hummus and fava bean dip

About: Heba Badran learned from her mother how to make traditional baklava the dessert at age 10. Coming from three generations of pastry connoisseurs, all of whom specialized in French pastries, she quickly learned how to make other pastries too, such as orange tea cakes.

After a few years of working in corporate America, Heba decided to follow her first and true passion to the kitchen where she began making baklava and other from-scratch treats and dips to sell at the farmers market and other local specialty shops. Look for her hummus next time you come by to shop! 

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