Hardev.jpgA huge congratulations to our Thanksgiving basket winner Hardev! He has been a loyal customer and loves to post his Sigona's produce creations on instagram (@eurohobbychef).


STN_Wine_Winner.jpgLifelong Customer Wins Donati Double Magnum  

Atherton resident Sharon Simpson has been shopping with Sigona's Farmers Market since our humble beginnings. It only seems fitting then that she recently won our double magnum bottle of Donati Claret here at Stanford.

So how is Sharon going to enjoy 3 liters of wine? "I'm going to have a gathering with friends so I can share it with them. It'll be nice to enjoy it while grilling your fresh veggies."

This lifelong Sigona's shopper is constantly impressed with our local and delicious produce. Right now she is especially enjoying our local cherries from Gilroy and Morgan Hill.

Sharon expressed how happy she is with the wine selection at both Redwood City and Stanford. "I'd already bought some of the Donati for friends so I can't wait to enjoy this with them as well."

Wine. BBQ. Fresh veggies. Sounds like a great time Sharon. Maybe we'll come by and crash the party! 


donati_june_winner.jpgThe Dellamanos win the Double Magnum of Donati Claret in Redwood City

Jenna and Tony Dellamano have been customers of Sigona's for three years now and they absolutely love the store! As soon as they moved to the Bay Area, they started shopping here. They still claim we are their favorite market around!

The couple is delighted by Sigona's truffle infused olive oil. Tony makes homemade pizza from scratch and the oil complements it wonderfully. The Dellamanos say, "The wine is delicious -- especially paired with our homemade pizza."

The Dellamanos were stoked after winning the 3 liter bottle of Donati Claret. They say they're going to drink the wine in celebration of their new house! Congratulations are due all around to you, Dellamanos!!




Amanda_egg_winner.JPGAnd the winner of the 13.75 chocolate Easter egg is…

Amanda Ichikawa

Sigona's Farmers Market would like to congratulate 9-year-old Amanda Ichikawa on winning our 13.75 lb. chocolate Easter egg. This spectacular egg - filled with special prizes inside its hollowed-out shell - caught the eye of Amanda, her sister and her father a few weeks back. They entered to win our contest and Amanda, who provided correct answers to all seven questions, WON! Great job, Amanda!

The Ichikawa family have just recently started shopping at Sigona's and especially love our tangerines. We're glad you found us, Ichikawas! We hope you enjoyed the larger-than-life (quite literally) chocolate egg. 




pannettone-winner_sm.jpgAnd the winner of the giant panettone is…

Virginia Wilson

Virginia snapped and shared pictures of her grandson, Ramsey, as they prepared a delicious dish of mac n’ cheese together, using pasta and cheese from Sigona’s.

The prize panettone weighs in at 15 lbs. and is sure to be the center of many conversations over the holiday. Congrats, Virginia & Ramsey!

Thanks to all who participated in our Giant Panettone Contest — try again next year!

Ramsey, whose grandma, Virginia Wilson, shops at Sigona's, worked alongside his grandma to make a dish of mac 'n cheese using pasta and cheese from Sigona's!

Ramsey also came with his grandma to pick up the larger-than-life panettone.


Ramsey, whose grandma, Virginia Wilson, shops at Sigona's, worked alongside his grandma to make a dish of mac 'n cheese using pasta and cheese from Sigona's!






Win a GIANT Holiday Panettone

Margaret, a Sigona's shopper, holds the giant panettone you can enter to win.

Technically, the size is categorized as magnum, weighing in at 15 lbs. Now that’s a big panettone!

We know the holidays bring out the cook in everyone, so if you snap a photo of yourself, a family member or friend cooking with ingredients from Sigona’s, we encourage you to post it to our Facebook page, or even send it in to, along with the recipe.
Contest is now closed. Thanks to all who participated!

Everyone who does so by Dec. 19th will be entered in a raffle to win the larger-than-life, 15 lb. holiday panettone, a traditional Italian holiday cake filled with fruits and candied citrus. It’s delicious!
What is Panettone?

Panettone a traditional Italian holiday treat that’s a sweet bread-like cake. Panettone can be plain or filled extras, such as dried or candied fruits. Panettone is generally enjoyed after a family meal with a special, creamy & sweet sauce and a glass of champagne!

There are many variations of a romantic legend about the origin of panettone, but we like this story told by the Italian Trade Commission…

Once upon a time, a young Milanese nobleman fell in love with the daughter of Toni the baker. The nobleman won the baker’s approval by disguising himself as an apprentice and preparing a naturally leavened bread that was soft and golden-yellow, shaped like a church dome and filled with fruits and candied citrus peel. The bread was such a hit that people lined up around the block for one of Toni’s sweet breads. Soon, people began to call the bread “pan de Toni,” and as more people came from near and far, Toni became wealthy and allowed the young man from Milanto marry his daughter. They lived happily ever after.