Produce Tips

Oyster Mushrooms

 BTTR_mushroom_box.jpgRobbie Sigona’s Produce Tips:

  • How to pick a great Oyster: Good-quality Oyster mushrooms are gray-brown in color, are dry and have smooth, firm caps with firm plump white stems.
  • What to avoid: Pass over Oysters that are wet, dark-brown, bruised or have spots of mold. It may be a fungus, but you don’t want mold on it!
  • How to store Oyster mushrooms: Oysters may be stored in plastic or paper bags inside your refrigerator for up to two weeks. If stored in a paper bag, make sure the end is closed. You can extend your mushroom’s storage life by placing a dry paper towel in with the mushrooms to help absorb any extra moisture. 
  • Usage: Oysters are generally cooked with meats, omelets and stews. They’re used often in Japanese, Chinese and Korean cuisine.
  • Grow your own! Find kits for growing your own Oyster mushrooms at home at both our stores. We carry BTTR Ventures Gourmet Mushroom growing kits -- BTTR Ventures is a local-based company started by Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora.

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