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Southern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere Oils

Harvested May & June 2022 - Pressed Within 4 - 6 hours of Picking. 

The Southern Hemisphere Olive Oils are now out of season. Check back in early summer 2023 for new oils. For now, please see our selection of olive oils from growing regions in the Northern Hemisphere!

We carry some of the healthiest, best-tasting olive oils on earth! How do we know? Well, we're produce experts, and olives are fruit! Just as with other fresh produce, olives have seasons. Sigona’s believes when it comes to high quality olive oil, fresher is always better!


Sigona’s offers the highest quality, single-cultivar oils around, many of them gold medal winners that are impossible to duplicate in the traditional market place! The oils we bring in are made from olives that were cold pressed within 2 to 4 hours of harvest. Now that's fresh!


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