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Our Summertime Peach White Balsamic is a customer favorite and a best-seller all year round! To make this, our white balsamic is combined with the fresh flavor of a ripe, juicy peach to create this very light, crisp infused balsamic. We have many serving suggestions for this balsamic on our blog!  

The Chiquitita olive oil from Portugal, harvested and cold pressed this season, is buttery, delicate and floral. Its aroma is similar to what'd you would get from smelling roses! It is an evenly balanced oil with a hint of sweetness and notes of green almond. The finish is mildly warming. It has a polyphenol count of 182. 

Combining the balsamic and olive oil makes for a delicate yet fruity vinaigrette that we find exceptionally pleasing on this French-style salad, made simply with vinaigrette, butter lettuce, salt and pepper: 

Butter Lettuce Hearts
Tossed with Chiquitita Olive Oil
& Summertime Peach White Balsamic
Click here for the recipe!

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