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We have some of the freshest, healthiest olive oils in the world! This 6-pack sampler includes 60ml bottles of oils from the following regions:


  • California
  • Greece
  • Portugal


These new oils are outstanding, especially the Private Reserve Kalamata.


Arbosana = Sweet and slightly floral with a creamy mouthfeel. Finishes with a pleasing pepperiness and flavor notes of banana and almond. Polyphenol count: 302


Coratina = Features juicy notes of Green Granny smith apple, a complex bitter center and delayed and a lingering peppery finish. Tasters award this oil high praise for intense fruitiness. Polyphenol count: 443


Private Reserve Kalamata = This early harvest Kalamata is sweet and fragrant with notes of rose petal and artichoke. It has a creamy mouthfeel, finishing with a wallop of pepperiness consistent with high oleocanthal content. Polyphenol count: 505


Coriana = This new variety, a cross between Arbosana and Koroneiki, has a unique floral component of nasturtium blossom plus creamy vegetal notes of artichoke. Polyphenol count: 536


Cobrancosa = Displays green, savory notes of radicchio and arugula with a spicy finish that lingers. Polyphenol count: 586


Lentrisca = This oil is unique and complex with tropical fruit characteristics and a berries & cream center, finishing with a fiery Szechuan peppercorn sensation. Polyphenol count: 709


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