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  • Diced Crystallized Ginger, 10 oz

The ginger we offer is harvested while very young, while only the most choice area of the root is used — the center. Our ginger isn’t stringy, but rather tender, soft and great in flavor. Recognized as the finest in the world, this ginger is masterfully dried to perfection with a terrific balance of sweetness and a delightful pungent, spicy “kick.” Use this ginger for any recipe calling for this ingredient of healthful goodness.

As with fresh ginger, dried ginger has many medicinal properties: 

    • Alleviates various causes of nausea

    • Aids the digestive process and other stomach issues

    • Assists in the alleviation of colds

    • Eases sea sickness or car sickness

    • Helps with menopausal issues

    • Eases headaches

10 oz. container

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Diced Crystallized Ginger, 10 oz

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